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Early development version

Note that this project is currently in an early stage. Many improvements are planned. Some things might not work as expected and there's a lot of rough edges that still need to be smoothed out.

How to play

This is a turn based game. Once the game starts, during their first turn each player gets to pick a starting location. On the following turns players play one out of their three hand cards. Each card shows four paths that connect the eight different end points. When a card is placed, the player marker is moved along this path until it reaches the end.

Officially a player loses when their marker follows a path that leads off the game board or when two player markers collide. Your objetive is to be the last player standing. If all remaining players lose their markers in the same turn, everybody wins.

There are 35 unique cards and the game board consists of 36 tiles. If at any time an active player does not have any more cards to play, all remaining players win together. This means that at most eight players can win the game.

Playing with friends

To play with other people, send them the URL you get when creating a room. The URL contains an id that points towards your room. Note that the room is managed by the host's computer and stops working when the host leaves.

Playing alone

The game can be an entertaining single player experience as well. For a start, try to play all 35 hand cards without exiting the board. For an added challenge, try to walk the longest continuous path possible and then break your record.


This project is inspired by the boardgame Tsuro.